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Assistance for quality childcare advances the common good.

United Way Pours $3 Million into

Community Investment Package

Announcing the results of its 2013-2014 Community Investment process, United Way plans to spend $1,870,764 in actual dollars and $1,204,693 in in-kind and directly leveraged services to meet health and welfare needs in Indian River County in 2013-2014.

“Over and above the almost $2 million we will actually spend on direct services or grants to local programs, we will leverage hundreds of thousands in savings on prescription drugs through our affiliation with Familywize prescription discounts,  free tax preparation, United Way Center Community Room, and the Non-profit Incubation Center,” explained Michael Kint, CEO, United Way of Indian River County. “We’re really delighted to be able to support our community this way. It only happens because hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors come together to change conditions for people in need.”

The United Way Board of Directors acted on the recommendations of 120 community volunteers, who over a course of several months, reviewed program results, completed site visits, and assessed the programs’ ability to achieve the results needed to move the work forward.

“1 in 5 children in this county live in poverty,” commented Christie Loftus, United Way Board Chair, “26% of those under 65 are without health insurance, and over 500 children are on a waiting list for low income eligible childcare. By pursuing approaches that can be measured and programs that are proven to succeed, we get to the root of our county’s most troubling issues.”

For more than 50 years, United Way has worked to advance the common good as the most comprehensive health and human services organization in this community. United Way is a proven leader in addressing pressing community issues effectively and efficiently.

United Way of Indian River County runs a community-wide campaign raising money for critical human services, coordinates a Community Investment Process unique to United Way, provides emergency and special project grants, coordinates volunteer run programs, and runs the United Way Center which houses our Community Room, Board Room and a Non-profit Incubation Center. In addition, staff members sit on over 20 community committees.

United Way collaborates with local businesses, government, and non-profits to meet the most pressing social service issues in Indian River County, large and small. From working to solve over-arching needs such as affordable housing to keeping children involved in positive, structured youth activities, United Way has a finger on the pulse of our community.

Grant applicants for 2013-2014 funding are local nonprofit organizations focused on achieving permanent change in the United Way key focus areas of Education, Income, Health and a critical Community Support Network.

United Way invests in educational programs that offer support to parents of young children; prepare students to learn cognitively, emotionally and physically; provide safe, nurturing after school destinations; and teach adults reading and writing skills.

Income stability programs supported by United Way provide emergency food, clothing, household goods and financial assistance, self-sufficiency assistance for the homeless, and relief for victims of disasters.

United Way health program partners offer medical care to the uninsured, dental screenings, care and follow-up for young children, unique health care support for those with Alzheimers and related disorders, after school care for children with multiple disabilities, and assistance for those who have speech and hearing impairments.

Community -wide Services include; disaster preparedness, information and referral, non-profit agency support, and community capacity building.

Funds Awarded Under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program

United Way of Indian River County has been notified that Indian River County will receive federal funds under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFSP).  The Phase 31 award of $65,772 will be used to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in the area. 

Local Board Chairman Michael Kint noted, “Last year’s grant award provided funds for eight local nonprofit agencies in the areas of mass shelter, off-site shelter, rental and mortgage assistance, utility assistance and support for a food pantry.” 

The decision to provide funds to Indian River County was made by a National Board chaired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which consists of representatives from The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, United Jewish Communities, Catholic Charities, U.S.A., National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. and United Way of America which will provide the administrative staff and function as fiscal agent.  This National Board was charged to distribute funds appropriated by Congress to help expand the capacity of food and shelter programs in high-need areas around the country.

The Local EFSP Board made up of representatives from government, religious and human service agencies will be convened to determine how the funds will be awarded among the local emergency food and shelter programs.  The Local Board is responsible for recommending local human service agencies to receive these funds