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Two Year Impact Grant Overview

United Way of Indian River County provides non-restrictive grant funding to health and human service organization programs based on their ability to impact areas of need identified by the United Way of Indian River County and its Vision Councils. Any organization currently providing a program to IRC residents that measures outcomes and indicators of one of the 2020 desired impact areas and meets current eligibility criteria is eligible to apply for funding. United Way of Indian River County funds programs within agencies rather than the overall agency. Funding is distributed on a July 1- June 30 cycle, although programs are not required to operate on the same fiscal year. Funding is allocated in one and/or two-year cycles. Applications are electronic and can be completed using e-CImpact. Link to the login page:

Funding Eligibility

• Programs that are currently being funded, 

• New programs from currently funded partners 

• New programs from non-funded agencies. 

• New programs from currently funded partners and non-funded partners are only eligible for one year funding. In order to move to a two-year funding agreement, the program must have one-year of satisfactory outcome performance and relationship with UWIRC

Funding Parameters

• New agencies requesting funding are capped at $20,000 and UWIRC funding cannot exceed 50% of program budget.

• Those Agencies that have not applied for United Way IRC funding before are subject to an Agency vetting process prior to program review.

• Agency volunteers & staff that must attend a vetting meeting include the Board Chairperson, Treasure, and one additional governing board member. From 2 JUNE 1, 2019 V2 Agency staff attendance from CEO/Executive Director, Finance Director and Development Director or Program Director are required. 

• New and current programs compete for the same funding.

• Funded programs report every six-months via e-CImpact. 

• Community Impact Council (CIC) will review reports at the end of year one to determine if the program needs to re-apply based on program, organizational, financial or outcome adjustments that have been made.

The funding amount awarded the first year continues for a second year. For example: If Program A is awarded $10,000 it will receive $10,000 the first year, $10,000 the second year provided it maintains the same standards of performance and funding to support the grant has been raised by United Way of Indian River County. A Midyear and a year-end report are required. All funding is subject to adjustments based on United Way of Indian River County campaign results. Admission is competitive; United Way evaluates programs on their ability to provide the highest quality services which best address the key outcomes identified by United Way of Indian River County Vision Councils and the Board of Directors. No program, regardless of whether or not it has received funding in the past, is guaranteed funding.




e-CImpact is United Way of Indian River County’s online system for managing all aspects of its Community Investment process.  

Through e-CImpact, agencies will submit grant applications for review by community volunteers.  Agencies will be able to provide reports and accountability documents through the portal.

Community volunteers who participate on the Citizen Review Panel (CRP) and other funding review committees will also have electronic access to agency and program information to assist in their decision making.

Authorized users will be issued a username and password.  

Login Site for an agency, click HERE to enter.

Login site for a volunteer, click HERE to enter.

If you need assistance accessing e-CImpact, or navigating the system, please contact Nate Bruckner (772-567-8900) or email


Eligibilty guidelines for funding can be found here. For more information, please contact Nate Bruckner.