Citizens Review Panel

In April, Citizens Review Teams will evaluate non-profit agencies that apply for funding under our Education Impact Area. Each team is made up of a Panel Chair, Financial Analyst, and several Associate Panelists.  These volunteers come together to review applications for funding, conduct site visits, and ultimately rate the program, suggesting a level of funding for the coming fiscal year. The goal is to ensure that every United Way funded program is effective and efficient in addressing priority needs in our community.

In today’s society, many want to give back to their community but don’t have the time to analyze and observe all the health and human service agencies in their area. These United Way volunteers do this for you. Their due diligence ensures your contributions are used effectively and efficiently to address the most critical needs in YOUR community.

If you are interested in joining a team as a Citizens Review Panelist, contact our Community Impact Coordinator, Eve Ballance at or 772-567-8900, ext. 120. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have or facilitate your participation.