Financial Stability

Our Work Promoting Financial Stability

United Way supports a network of basic services in our community; shelter, meals, childcare, counseling, medical support,
and helping people meet their urgent needs today. But it’s more than a quick fix, we are committed to giving people the tools
they need to stand on their own tomorrow. Our approach is thoughtful, strategic and driven by the concerns and efforts of
those living in Indian River County.

Financial Stability Impact Area

Focus (aligned with the community goal):

By 2020 a third of lower income families in Indian River County become more financially stable

Basic Needs - All people have access to an adequate supply of nutritious food. All people have access to safe, sustainable housing.

Family Sustaining Employment & Workforce Skill Development - All people who want to work have the skills and resources they need to seek, gain and maintain employment. Lower-income working families and individuals achieve and retain life sustaining employment.

Stabilization/ Manageable Expenses - Individuals have the financial resources and assets to avoid a financial crisis.

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Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed - See the groundbreaking ALICE Report here.